Traveling among the 5 most famous casinos in the world

If you think casinos are just places to play roulette and watch slot machines spin, it is time to think again. These places of entertainment and music can also be tourist destinations, real places to enjoy a live show, an exquisite dinner and, why not, breathtaking scenery.

Hence the reason for this list, because casinos can be destinations for travellers. Let’s discover the most beautiful and interesting ones in the world. To help us in our search, we have teamed up with a gambling specialist: he is the publisher Luigi Conti of the famous Italian online roulette site. Luigi has travelled the world in search of the perfect places for gambling and shared his research with us. So now it’s time to discover the casinos that are absolutely worth visiting.

5 casinos worth visiting and not just for gambling

Fallsview Casino Resort, Niagara Falls, Canada

Imagine a day spent exploring the falls while travelling between Canada and the United States. Maybe you even took the boat, a mackintosh on your back and off you went, under the roaring water. In short, a day of adventure in Niagara Falls. And then an evening of gaming and entertainment at the Fallsview Casino Resort.

You can play slots, poker or take part in tournaments. Of course, you cannot miss Blackjack or even a game of Baccarat. At this casino, the night is young. After a few bets, don’t miss a show at the Avalon Theatre or a cocktail at the R5 Patio and Bar or the 365 Club.

Macau Palace, China

It is worth going to Macau just to visit this floating casino. It almost looks like a Buddhist temple, full of colour and harmony. In fact, the Palace is a two-storey boat moored in the Chinese city’s Fisherman’s Wharf. Sure, it’s small but it has a lot of tradition and charm.

The great thing about the Macau Palace is that it is not a crowded place. So it’s ideal for enjoying your favourite games. More games and fewer people. If you really miss the crowds, the city of Macau is a kind of Chinese Las Vegas full of shops, restaurants and activities.

Casino Monte Carlo, Principality of Monaco

On this list of casinos to visit, you cannot miss the charming and elegant Casino Monte Carlo in Monaco. This is the ideal destination for a weekend getaway amidst Mediterranean scents and gambling halls. This city-state is the epitome of luxury with yachts and luxury cars whizzing through the streets.

Traveling among the 5 most famous casinos

Then there is the casino with games, restaurants, bars and lounges. And of course there are VIP lounges such as the Salle Blanche with a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean and exclusive tournaments for members. For a 100% Monegasque experience, you can visit Monaco during the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Between gaming and racing, the adrenaline rush is guaranteed.

Casino Salzburg, Austria

Let’s stay on the European continent but leave the sea and head for the Alps. Everything for a holiday between mountain hikes and gambling halls. During the day you can enjoy tours dedicated to the musician Mozart and strudel tastings. Or follow in the footsteps of the film The Sound of Music, or a tour through the streets of the Altstadt, the old town.

And then on to Casino Salzburg perhaps for dinner at the Baroque Palace Klessheim, the casino restaurant. Before you go, don’t forget to check the official website for all-inclusive packages. Such as the dinner & casino night that includes welcome chips worth EUR 20.

Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

From the Austrian Alps to the tropics. When you go to Atlantis Paradise Island, you will not only find a fun casino but a true all-round experience. In fact, this is a resort with tall palm trees, relaxing pools and exclusive beaches. It is almost a city with hotels for both families and couples and with just as many restaurant options, such as Nobu’s Japanese cuisine or the Pirate Republic brewery.

And then there are casinos with table games, slots and screens for watching horse races and sports. This is the Race & Sportsbook with 20 simultaneous screens, 44 betting stations and 6 VIP stations. Ideal for those who love both sports and betting.

In short, a holiday between adventure and games is possible! In these five destinations you can mix tourism and entertainment so you don’t have to give up anything.