Transfer in Shared and private mode

The Casino Enjoy Santiago organises concerts, shows and artists’ performances on a permanent basis. The presentations are usually on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. These events are widely broadcast on television, radio and social platforms. For this purpose, we have previously arranged for mobile vehicles to be available for these days to take people in shared and private modes.

Place and time of departure and return in shared transfer mode

Registration and booking is via WhatsApp +56995323721 or contact us via email. This way you can join the group that is organized to go to and from the event at the Casino Enjoy Santiago. The start time of the events in this casino are usually scheduled at 21:00 hours and the departure is usually at 18:30 hours from Almirante Barroso street,with Alameda Bernardo O Higgins to the north west exit of Los Héroes underground. This place is an excellent point of departure and return, as it is connected to the metro and various means of transport. The return is scheduled at the end of the event to the same address. There is also the possibility of requesting and arranging a transfer to your home.

Private transfer

People who want to go to the Casino Enjoy Santiago in a private and in a car only for them, have the alternative of taking the private service, which is carried out in an exclusive car without other people, to attend and return from their home at times to be agreed. This mode of private transfer is an excellent alternative to enjoy more time and enjoy other alternatives offered by the casinos. Request this type of service to our contact.

Private Transfer

In the modality of private transfer we take you directly to and from your home to the Casino Enjoy Santiago to see the event of your favorite artist and .You can also enjoy the rooms and gaming machines, enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and restaurants that the casino has. We can also take you to and from the Casino Enjoy hotel to enjoy your stay and luxurious facilities. The date and time of departure and return is set by you as required. The transfer is without other people in a full equipment mobile authorized by the Ministry of Transport, passenger insurance and professional driver.

Private transfer rates

The value is agreed and will depend on the number of people, address or addresses of departure and return and schedules of requirement.

Transfer in Casino Enjoy Santiago

Please request and reserve a private transfer in advance to ensure availability of the vehicle.

  • Request private mode: It is done via WhatsApp +56995323721 or email [email protected].
  • Reservation: By bank transfer or Transbank WEBPAY credit card.

Shared transfer

The shared mode considers group transfers to the Enjoy Casino to attend in a comfortable and safe way to the events organized and scheduled by the casino on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • Time and place of departure and return: at 18:30 hours from Almirante Barroso street with Alameda Bernardo O Higgins, just steps from the north west exit of the Metro Los Héroes. Return at the end of the concert or event. Registration and transfer reservation must be made in advance to ensure the respective transfer quota.
  • Registration: via WhatsApp +56995323721 or email [email protected]
  • Fare $19.000. – for each person for a round trip.
  • Reservation $9.000 – for each person: Made by bank transfer or WEBPAY and balance at the time of departure to the event.
  • RETURN TRANSFERS: Additional fare according to your address and route feasibility. Request your rate by sending your address.

Enjoy Casino Event Schedule

Purchase your ticket for the event and the application or registration of transfer to the casino in shared or private modalities well in advance.

Remember that tickets sell out quickly, and the transfer to the casino is not so easy if you do not go in your private vehicle.