Tour of the most beautiful European casinos: like having fun on a solo trip

Travelling is one of the most fulfilling activities that has been taken away from us for too long because of Covid: now, however, the great desire to discover the world, to travel, to organise trips that suit our true passions has returned. There are those who like to indulge in relaxing trips, those who want to dedicate themselves to sport and itineraries dedicated to trekking and bike tours. Others want to mix these experiences with a little extra entertainment.

A fascinating travel itinerary is one that takes you along the coasts of Europe (or at least part of the Old Continent) to discover the most beautiful casinos. If you are a betting enthusiast, and have spent the last few years betting on foreign casino sites available in Italy and ADM-licensed platforms, this trip is perfect for you.


Let’s start with a magical city, a symbol of Spain and Movida: Barcelona is a perfect mix of opportunities and great bargains. Not only is it suitable for a family trip, but it is ideal for getting around on your own and enjoying the true essence of this city full of sights, activities and above all, a casino. Make a stop at the main hall of the Barcelona casino on Carrer de la Marina, located in an imposing skyscraper overlooking the entire city, in the Olympic quarter that was built in 1992. The casino is just steps away from the movida, so it is the perfect symbol of Spanish entertainment.

At this point, however, your travel itinerary will lead you to make an important choice: if you want to stay in Spain, I suggest you go as far as Valencia, while if you want to change country and go to France, you will have to go up to Monte Carlo. And of course, these are not just two random destinations: find out why by reading this post.


For those who love the sea, a trip to Valencia is a must: the city has a deep food culture, is located on the Mediterranean and has a very low cost of living. This means that enjoying discovering Valencia without depriving yourself of anything will be relatively cheap. Moreover, it has long been regarded as Europe’s new entertainment capital, not only for its nightlife, of course, but also for its Casino Cirsa Valencia, which boasts all kinds of exclusive services for passionate gamblers.


If you have opted for the change of country, know that within 6 to 7 hours you will arrive in Monte Carlo from Barcelona. Monte Carlo is synonymous with beauty, the Formula 1 Grand Prix and, of course, gambling in all its aspects. Together with the Venice Casino (which we will see later) it is the oldest casino structure in Europe, not forgetting the Casino Baden in Germany.

Tour of the most beautiful European casinos: like having fun on a solo trip

This casino has been in operation since 1850 and inside there are respectable works of art such as paintings, luxurious crystal chandeliers, sculptures and masterpiece stained glass windows. There are also two restaurants and a spa inside. It is also worth visiting just to feel like James Bond, as it was chosen as the location for Goldeneye and Casino Royale.


Yes, this is the distance that separates Monte Carlo and Sanremo. It is therefore only right at this point to make a stop in Italy, in Liguria, and to be fascinated by the beauty of the city of Sanremo. It has become the cradle of many international events, loved by Italians and foreign tourists alike. Besides being the stage of the Sanremo Festival, inside the Ariston Theatre, it is also a corner of fun and gambling with its own casino. It is regularly visited by well-known personalities prominent in Italian show business and beyond.

At this point, the itinerary of fun could come to an end, but if you feel like doing another six hours by car (alternatively, of course, the plane is the quickest choice for any displacement), you can go to Venice. And here you will find another great historical colossus not only of our country, but of gambling in Europe: its elegant Casino, which has hosted millions of players and several Hollywood films over the years.