Drive around the most beautiful casinos in Europe between Italy, France and Spain

Europe offers plenty of destinations where you can spend your holidays, but it is also an area of the world particularly suitable for road trips, especially if you want to dance between the panoramas of the Côte d’Azur, the Italian coasts and the Spanish coasts. One of the most interesting journeys is to drive along the coasts to discover the most beautiful casinos in Europe. By car, you can start in Venice and drive to San Remo, drive to France and continue to the south of Spain.

The Casino of Monte Carlo

Today, there are so many gambling halls that have inspired sites such as NetBet online casino and many others, facilities equipped with the most exclusive services and ultra-modern rooms that always attract a large flow of onlookers, tourists and enthusiasts. Here is a car tour to discover Europe’s most beautiful casinos.

Venice: the world’s oldest casino

You don’t have to fly all the way to Las Vegas to stay in the world’s oldest casino, but just start your car journey from Venice. Opened in 1638 at the Ridotto di San Moisé, today the Casino di Venezia is located by the Grand Canal and offers a wide range of exclusive services and ultra-luxury rooms for a dream overnight stay.

The Casino in San Remo

Before reaching the Cote d’Azur, a stop at this casino is a must. It has been the protagonist of many important events and shows, such as the Sanremo Festival, which was held in its theatres from the 1950s until the 1970s, before moving to the Ariston Theatre. The Casino di Sanremo is the first ever to combine show business, events, and award ceremonies with gambling, and is always frequented by many VIPs and A-list celebrities.

The Casino of Monte Carlo

This structure is among the three oldest in the world together with the Casino di Venezia and the Casino di Baden (Germany). The Casino of the Principality of Monaco has been active since 1850 and boasts almost 200 years of history. Inside are works of art such as paintings, sculptures, crystal chandeliers and stained-glass windows that are true masterpieces, in a luxurious environment with the best services and exclusive comfort. Some scenes from the James Bond films, such as Goldeneye and Casino Royale, were set here.

The Casino de Barcelona

Continuing along the French coast as soon as you enter Spanish soil, you can make a stop at the Casino de Barcelona, located inside an imposing skyscraper overlooking the city. It is located in the Olympic district built in 1992 and is a nightlife area, perfect for those who love fun.

The Casino de Valencia and the Casino de Marbella

For those who love the sea, these two cities are the perfect destination, whether to take a tour of the Bathing Islands from Valencia or to visit the Andalusian coast from Marbella. The Casino Cirsa Valencia offers all kinds of exclusive services in a city that is now famous as Europe’s entertainment capital. The city is also the home of paella, which is all the more reason to stay a few days. The Casino de Marbella is a modern establishment that presents many events during all days of the year, and it is only closed on the 24th and 31st of December.