Kaitek has invited ESPRIT to the workshop 'Transition to light electric vehicles: a chance to disrupt urban mobility?' organized on July 4th (14.00-19.00) at the UNINDUSTRIA conference room in Reggio Emilia.

 The Cluster Workshop aims to present the innovations developed within 4 EU projects, funded by H2020 Green Vehicle call. The aim of the workshop is to discuss on the opportunities / difficulties that light electric vehicles can offer to urban mobility and to the transition to a more sustainable transport system in Emilia-Romagna's urban and regional context.

 The purpose of the meeting is to collect feedbacks from all the participants and in particular by: mobility experts, light vehicle manufacturers and citizen associations, on each presented projects' concepts and business models:


 ESPRIT: http://www.esprit-transport-system.eu


WEEVIL: http://weevil.pensativa.it/design/


RESOLVE: http://www.resolve-project.eu


JOSPEL: http://jospel-project.eu


The workshop is organized by the Kaitek, and will be held in English. Project mockups will be exposed.


Registration is required by 28/6/17 to the following link: