The Congress headline was “Delivering future cities now”. This wording was chosen to illustrate how ITS products and services can be deployed now by cities and urban conurbations to lay a strong foundation for population increases and growth in demand for mobility. Glasgow was organised around five key topics 1) From standalone to connected to automated 2) Bringing services to users 3) Transport applications of satellite technologies 4) Sustainable transport for people and goods 5) ITS and climate change.

Helen Porter from PDC was at the 11th ITS (Intelligent Transport System) European Congress to present a high-level description of the modelling approach to characterize supply & demand through a joint paper from PDC and CNR titled "Building the Business Case for a new type of electric vehicle which can be driven in a train".

Valéry Cervantes have also presented a CEA paper presenting the results of the command law to be used in the ESPRIT cars in road train configuration.