The ESPRIT Expert Advisory Board (EAB) is a Think tank of stakeholders citizens, public transport and car sharing operators, local authorities, lobbyists, urban developers, architects, mobility experts, manufacturers, etc.

EAB acts as a market sounding board and advocates for ESPRIT throughout the project. It helps establishing the baseline mind-sets towards ESPRIT vehicles and systems - population segments (together with WPs 1 and 7) and encourages the development of strategies to influence mind-sets and promote the uptake of the ESPRIT concept. To this end, the EAB will be consulted at the various stages of the project’s progress to capture both additional requirements and feedback.

The list of members and summary of their expertise is provided in the table below:

Urban mobility and ways of transport, L’Hospitalet operating public transport company

Accessible and low-carbon alternatives to traditional car use; UK national accreditation body for carsharing clubs

Electric mobility and development of modern carsharing concepts

Network of European cities and regions focusing on urban transport innovation for sustainable mobility

promoting energy efficiency, energy conservation, and the sustainable use of energy, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions and helping to prevent man-made climate change

Mobility of the Lyon Area

Technological and socio-economic aspects of urban mobility

Automotive supplier specialised in steering systems and parking assistant development and manufacturing, contribution to ESPRIT through electrically actuated and electronically controlled steering system, and guiding steering system component

Urban mobility; Founder of first Wit Car carsharing system in the 1960s

Carsharing and its impact on urban mobility

Andrew is Head of Strategy for OVO Energy, one of the UK's largest independent suppliers. He has a long-standing interest in electric vehicles, both professionally and personally

Vehicle design and manufacturing

Madrid carsharing operator, support to L’Hospitalet project use case and demonstration at project end

Senior consultant, researcher and activist in Transport and Mobility, prioritizing the last few years in: advising cities on new mobility concerns, Mobility as a Service, inclusive mobility, Shared Mobility, the introduction of active and complementary modes: walking, bicycling, traffic calming, car sharing and pooling, demand responsive transport and on the introduction of alternative vehicle and fuel technologies, having directed a 25 city two and a half year demonstration program with electric mini buses. 


Vice President of the Portuguese Electric Vehicle Association
Past President of the of the
European Association for Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Road Vehicles and the World Electric Vehicle Association

Operating carsharing, member of the Flemish network for sustainable mobility

Application of autonomous systems; UK Centre for Intelligent Mobility

Urban and rail transport (public, private and semi-public operators, companies and infrastructures)

Transportation engineering, evaluation in the CIVITAS project, leading role in Foresight activities in the UK and Europe

William Rendall is an Anglo-Spanish architect, developer of the CHISPA electric public car concept since 1996 – system based on articulated chassis that enables group towing for redistributing public car fleets.