Vectos is a dynamic transport planning consultancy, based in the UK and Italy. Vectos specialises in providing transport policy and planning advice to developers, retailers, mobility operators, land owners and local authorities. The Directors of Vectos have led the transport planning aspects of the some of the largest and most prestigious projects in the UK. The international projects undertaken in Vectos are at the innovative edge of sustainable transport planning initiatives in Europe and beyond. Involvement in state of the art European programmes such as CIVITAS enables the intelligence learned to be fed directly into the company’s UK portfolio to ensure Vectos advice and solutions remain at the international leading edge. Through the international work, Vectos can also provide clear advice on the increasingly vital sustainability measures necessary for new and existing developments and the requirements to design and achieve behavioural change in mobility patterns:

  1. Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMPs)
  2. Demonstration of innovative sustainable transport measures
  3. Travel behaviour assessment and evaluation
  4. International project and consortium management

Role in the project

The role of Vectos in ESPRIT will be confined to two work packages. They will lead the important work package 1 “ESPRIT: User and system requirements and common functional specification” defining the market and user requirements for ESPRIT vehicles and systems. Apart from overall work package management, Vectos will lead the tasks to assess the market needs and sympathies to accept and use ESPRIT systems, and the final task to synthesize the findings for development in subsequent work packages. In work package 8 “Demonstration,
dissemination and exploitation”, Vectos will address the Glasgow demonstration and input into the task to define the final ESPRIT market potential.

Personnel involved

Professor PICKUP Laurence, male, is the International Director of Vectos and Honorary Professor of European Transport policy, University of Aberdeen, Centre for Transport Research. Laurie Pickup was one of the first social scientists to enter the transport planning profession in the mid-1970s. His career spans 39 years in Government research, academia and commercial consultancy, of which 33 years have been working within a European project environment. After completing doctoral research on mobility and gender, Laurie has worked at the Government’s Transport and Road Research laboratory in the 1970s, at the Transport Studies Unit, Oxford University in the 1980s before setting up and building a successful consultancy, Transport and Travel Research. In 2005, Laurie was appointed as one of the 10 leading transport experts in the UK to assist the Government’s Commission for Integrated Transport. In 2006, Laurie moved to Romania to continue his European work and then to Italy in 2007, where he is currently based as the International Director for Vectos, whose main offices are in Central London. In 2013, Laurie was also awarded the Professorship in European Transport Policy at the Centre for Transport
Research at the University of Aberdeen. He is the expert on transport and gender for the EBRD and is also the current moderator of the CIVITAS Forum.
As a travel behaviour expert, Laurie has undertaken many leading edge projects during his career including work on transport disadvantaged groups, the influence of commuting on lifestyles and workplace performance, the social impacts of bus deregulation, social attitudes and responses to innovative ITS systems and, in the last 10 years, demonstrations of innovative measures to encourage sustainable transport in European cities in CIVITAS.
Laurie Pickup will be leading the ESPRIT work package 1 “ESPRIT: User and system requirements and common functional specification”.
AXON Mike, male, is Vectos’ Founding Director. Mike is an experienced practising transport planner. He is engaged in major sustainable urban mobility planning exercises in the UK. He designs and fine tunes sustainable mobility solutions to suit the needs of particular cities and sites. In this process, he is an expert in brokering sustainable mobility solutions between stakeholders. His work has a commercial focus, working on sustainable mobility issues for private sector operators, liaising with city authorities. He both challenges and influences
planning policies in his work. In ESPRIT, Mike’s role will be (i) in the market assessment for ESPRIT type systems and (ii) in the Glasgow, Hillington, where Mike is currently managing the sustainable mobility investments made by the developer, MEPC, and Scottish Enterprise: the site where ESPRIT will be demonstrated.

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