TEAM RED Deutschland GmbH is a German transport consulting company focused on innovative solutions for integrated mobility. TEAM RED was founded in 2002 by Dr. Bodo Schwieger and has experienced a significant expansion since then, with representatives in different countries around the world.
TEAM RED offers unchallenged car-sharing expertise: know-how for starting and running carsharing businesses; politicial and economic analysis and scenarios; implementation of carsharing services; independent market analysis of hard- and software providers; local solutions based on international experience.
TEAM RED know-how in public transport planning involves classic infrastructure planning and transport modeling, as well as innovative solutions for all transport modes.

Role in the project

Within work package 1 “ESPRIT: User and system requirements and common functional specification“, TEAM RED will support the definition of relevant target groups for the ESPRIT service concept. Based on these assumptions and the vehicle descriptions a service concept and especially an operational concept will be developed. The concept will be transferred into a business case, describing relevant scenario and options, in work package 7 “Business model estimation tool developments”. Research within ESPRIT is based on existing research data (such
as afore mentioned evaluation project in Munich) and extends this knowledge with new survey data on both travel and demographics. The partner “TEAM RED” will gather these data.

Personnel involved

Dr SCHWIEGER Bodo, male, specialised after his education at the technical university of Berlin on carsharing and mobility services. He wrote his dissertation on customer analysis and international know-how transfer for the DaimlerChrysler Society and Technology Research Group. Bodo developed and founded TEAM RED in 2002. He is currently leading the company as general manager and contributing his expert knowledge to projects concerned with mobility issues. His project experience makes him one of the few internationally available independent oneway carsharing experts.
Dr THEISSEN Johannes, male, studied political science and public law in Bonn. After his studies he specialised in transport. In his position as authorised signatory and head of a business area at traffiQ Lokale Nahverkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt (Main) he was responsible for the sections marketing, mobility research, international cooperation, eTicketing and mobility management. Additionally he publishes papers in the field of transport and transport-policy since 1975. He will join the ESPRIT project as public transport expert.
SCHREIER Hannes, male, graduated in sociology and political science at the university of Tübingen. He worked in several scientific research projects as well as in consulting projects. He is experienced in developing and conducting surveys. Hannes has special competencies in data analysing. He also has knowledge in automation of big data analysing processes. Hannes is leader of the team market research at TEAM RED and is in charge of our Mob.E.Value projects. His role will be the definition of customer groups for ESPRIT.

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