Technical studio is a company created in 2000, focused on automotive engineering. Initially specialised in the design of components for automotive suppliers, Technical Studio has expanded its areas of expertise to design and realise complete prototypes and small serial electric vehicles. Since 2008, Technical Studio has developed, homologated and industrialised 2 electric vehicles (Light and heavy quadricycle homologation categories).
Technical studio has also developed commercial /manufacturing licences. Currently, 2 licences has been sold in Spain and Portugal. The vehicle brand issued from technical Studio is Little Cars (,, and is today manufactured in France, Spain and Portugal. Each license allows increasing the capacity of production by 100/150 vehicles. The aim of Technical Sutudio’s concept is to produce as closely as possible to the targeted market, develop local companies and create an European network of small car manufacturers. Purchases being made by local authorities are very often sensitive to local (or national) manufacturing (particularly true in the domain of city buses for instance). This licensing strategy could enable to ease the diffusion of the system by offering local partnerships.

Role in the project

Technical Studio will be involved in work package 5 “Vehicle and road train crash safe and lightweight architecture” and contribute to the development of a specific innovative lightweight body. This development will include an innovative passenger seat allowing a loading space for storing commodities when folded. In addition, specific innovative doors will be designed to minimise the necessary space to open/close them. Technical Studio will also design innovative auxiliaries to enable the operation as a road train. Finally, Technical Studio will develop
3 representative demonstrators and 3 partially representative chassis, including all components coming from the other ESPRIT partners.

Personnel involved

GIBERT Eric, male, is the CEO and co-founder of Technical Studio and project manager. Graduate in mechanical engineering, he has worked for Otis Elevators for 10 years as manager of the engineering department in charge of customised elevators.
PAJOT Pascal, male, is technical director and co-founder of Technical Studio. Graduate in mechanical engineering, he is responsible for the development of all Technical Studio’s Electric vehicles .

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