Luxcontrol offers a large range of integrated services for the organizational and technical risk management in the fields of Quality, Health and Safety and Environment (QHSE). The company was founded in 1978, employs 230 experts and has its headquarter in Luxembourg. Its core market is the private and public building and construction, industry and service sector in Luxembourg. However, international activities have been developed in specific niche markets. Since 1985, Luxcontrol company is involved in automotive homologation and assists the
automobile industry worldwide in accessing new markets.
Notified as a Technical Service by the United Nation Economic Commission for Europe in Geneva and at the European Commission in Brussels, Luxcontrol provides its services in close partnership with the national homologation authority, Société Nationale de Certification et d'Homologation (SNCH), acting on behalf of the Luxembourg Ministry of Transport.

Role in the project

Within work package 6 “Regulatory and standardisation preparation. Vehicle testing.”, LUXCONTROL will analyse the project against all exiting legislation within Europe. In the first line this will be about homologation of the vehicle. In a second step, the national/local restrictions that may apply will be investigated.
The complexity of the activities will result from the fact that a single vehicle within the ESPRIT project can be easily categorised and homologated whereas, if combined to a train, this categorisation may no longer apply.
Luxcontrol will help to work out new proposals in case existing legislation will not cover the project.

Personnel involved

WAX Paul, male, is a technical expert for homologation. His education background is mechanical engineering.
Since April 1990 with Luxcontrol, Paul Wax has been leading all homologation projects within framework directives 92/61/EEC and 2002/24 EC, covering 2- and 3-wheeled vehicles, as well as light 4-wheeled vehicles.
LIPPERT Guy, male, is technical director for homologation. His educational background is mechanical engineering.
Since September 1988 with Luxcontrol, Guy Lippert has been managing all homologation activities (all categories, all areas worldwide) within Luxcontrol group.

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