Kaitek is an upstart company focused on providing solutions for lithium batteries. It operates in several sectors, wherever energy storage is required, such as quadricycles, industrial machines, road and water vehicles, power stations. Core of its activity is the BBS product, a self-developed state-of-the-art Battery Balancing System, that performs advanced management algorithms and high power balancing. Kaitek is also specialised in the project and manufacturing of customised lithium battery packs, that stand out for their high performance-cost ratio.
Besides traditional applications Kaitek is always involved in R&D projects aimed to expand its offer to the customers and to provide solutions for special applications.

Role in the project

Kaitek will be involved in work package 4 “Road train Energy Storage Management System (RESMS)”. It will contribute to the choice of the technology of the cells, considering the specific use cases and requirements of the project. It will also lead the development of the whole battery pack. In particular, a specific battery management and balancing system will be developed, based on the expertise of Kaitek on lithium batteries, but with special features needed to cooperate with the RESM system. Safety and protection devices will be included and
optimised for the specific battery back, that will result in a highly engineered module. Kaitek will use its resources and third parties network also to produce the prototypes needed for the development and the concept demonstration.

Personnel involved

PASTORELLI Alan, male, is technical director and co-founder of Kaitek SRL. Graduate in electronic engineering, he is experienced in embedded hardware and firmware development, in particular for industrial and automotive applications. At Kaitek he is the main responsible for firmware development of BBS system, and follows hardware development of both logic and power devices.
RIGHI Marco, male, is managing director and co-founder of Kaitek SRL. He has a strong background in batteries and battery chargers market and a deep knowledge of the battery use cases. At Kaitek he manages the development of products and directly follows hardware development and industrialisation.

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